Pentaluck Ltd, established in 1991, is an Oriental Catering Food Wholesaler supplying goods ranging from oil to rice and noodles to non-food products, such as utensils, strainers, and woks.

Initially there were 5 partners to the company but very soon, Mr CK Cheuk acquired the whole company and hence now he is the owner of the company (along with Mrs Cheuk).

We have grown steadily since then, thus moved and expanded 5 times, and our head office is now located on Lammas Road – Leyton, with a workforce of over 15 members of staff. Further we have a Cash and Carry in Norwich opened in 2013.

Our Timeline

1991: Mr Cheuk saw Camberwell/Elephant and Castle, in South London (4 railway arches) as a good starting point.
1994: Mr Cheuk moved to Tottenham in North London (4,200 sq ft).
1996: Mr Cheuk saw opportunity to expand into a neighbouring unit (1,500 sq ft).
2002: Both units in Tottenham were not enough for the growing business and hence Mr Cheuk found a unit in Waterden Road, Hackney (9,700 sq ft).
2005: London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics, Waterden Road was chosen as part of the Olympic site. This led us to a compulsory re-location.
2007: We relocated/set foot in our current premises Leyton, London (13,000 sq ft).
2009: Mr Cheuk began to plan his move in opening a Cash and Carry. Norwich was chosen as the ideal location.
2012: We took on a property in Norwich as our site for a Cash and Carry (21,000 sq ft).
2013: We opened our first Cash and Carry branch in Norwich, employing a further 15+ staff trading as Oriental Delight (Norwich). At 21,000 sq ft, we are the only Oriental foods Cash and Carry of this size standing in Norwich.
2021: To extend our business even further we have now launched the Oriental Delight (Norwich) website to allow customers an alternative choice to purchase from us.

A Look at Us Now

Experience the Full Taste of Oriental Cuisines with us, from fresh produce to frozen goods and the equipment you need to prepare and store the cuisines, we have available for you to purchase in stores and on this website. We welcome you to visit our Head Office, Cash and Carry, purchase from this website or request for delivery. We supply Takeaways, Restaurants, Asian Communities, and those who love Oriental Foods.

Currently a majority of our existing customers are van-boys at our Head Office, who are somewhat like a middleman, supplying to restaurants and takeaways. However, we do deliver to a minority of our customers, i.e., restaurants and takeaways.

With the opening of our Cash and Carry, we now aim to serve and provide more for businesses and community in and around the surrounding areas of Norfolk.

Having been established for over 30 years, we have been able to build a large network of suppliers – extending to the Far East – enabling us to provide our customers with a vast range of food and non-food products suitable to their needs. Our range of products have expanded greatly since we first started out in Elephant & Castle, and now supply foods for the Asian market as a whole, i.e., Thai, Korean, and Japanese etc. The goods categories we provide include those such as fresh and frozen fish, seafood and meats, eggs, oil, canned and dried goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, kitchen utilities, disposable products and many more. The networks and connections we have built over the past 30 years have enabled us to be able to source rare products for special occasions and to satisfy customer needs.

With the many years’ experience, we are very confident that we can fulfil our customers’ needs by giving them the greatest understanding and delivering the best customer service.

Our Team

There are always many factors that contribute to the succession of a Company. Good business concept/goods, a good location for the business, cash-flow to finance the business and staff to run the business are the most important factors.

Mr Chin Kong Cheuk
Founder, Owner, Managing Director and Purchasing Director

Mrs Rebecca Cheuk
Owner, Company Secretary, Sales and Finance Director

Mrs Diane Yip
Head Office General Manager

Mr Ji Zong Wen
Head Office Warehouse Manager

Mr Yong Feng Xu
Head Office Warehouse Manager

Miss Catherine Cheuk
Cash and Carry General Manager

Mr Marty Ma
Cash and Carry Warehouse Manager

Selling Oriental Foods, we have members of staff who are able to communicate with you in several languages including:

London Head Office: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Hakka, Fuzhou.
Norwich Cash and Carry: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Hakka, Thai, Korean.