Welcome to Oriental Delight Norwich

Oriental Delight (Norwich) cash & carry is part of Pentaluck Ltd, a company established in 1991 is based in Leyton, London. We mainly cater for wholesalers and "van sales" (those who come to purchase goods in their vans and sell on those goods in their vans to their customers) businesses who then sell onto takeaways, restaurants and supermarkets within the Asian community. Having been established for over 20 years, we have been able to build a large network of suppliers - extending to Far East - enabling us to provide our customers with a vast range of food and non-food products suitable to their needs. The goods categories we provide include those such as fresh and frozen fish, seafood and meats, eggs, oil, canned and dried goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, kitchen utilities, disposable products and many more. With the networks and connections we have built, we are also able to source rare products for special occasions.


2016-2-2 : Online order form coming soon!